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What's Involved:

This package allows the ATM owner to waive any processing fee and surcharges per transaction. This would be suited to large clubs wanting their patrons to have accessible, non-fee applicative withdrawals and balance inquiries.

The cost of the equipment is $19,500 +GST for the Xtremo 7400 dual dispenser. All other configurations of equipment available are slightly elevated as dictated in our Profit Calculator. Complete ATM Services would like the site owner to identify that there is no ongoing profit to Complete ATM Services and from the previous history of the value of an ATM in a moderate transacting site would procure more profit to Complete ATM Services.

Outright ATM Purchase (No Fees) Package Inclusions:

  • ATM
  • Delivery of ATM between Monday - Friday
  • Wireless modem (if required)
  • Personalised screen image download
  • Tailor-made wrap (if required)
  • Illuminated topper
  • Signage (dependant on your selection and requirements)
  • Box of paper rolls (10/box, 2000 transactions/roll)
  • Personalised installation of the equipment and training by Complete ATM Services
  • All government and banking compliant software upgrades as required within the 5-year warranty
  • EMV card reader upgrade (for sites requiring credit card transactions)
  • Daily email of settlement funds
  • Settlement monies settled after 8 pm EST not routed via Complete ATM Services¬†
  • The site owner is able to dictate at their discretion surcharge increases above $2.50
  • Rebates paid automatically in the first two to three days of the new month with a tax invoice
  • A seven-day direct line of communication with complete ATM Services
  • Free cardholder dispute rectification
  • Immediate ownership transfer in case of sale of the site
  • No penalties for non-operation of ATM or transaction volumes¬†
  • The site owner will pay Complete ATM Services 25cents/transaction and these fees may slightly rise in the life period of the ATM. Refer to the Profit Calculator for your exact monthly income

Complete ATM Services is proud to provide personalised installation and training supplied only by our team members, anywhere in Australia. This ensures that you receive personalised service from Complete ATM Services that fits in with your requirements of installation and training. It has been proven that establishing a rapport at setup allows for a long-term relationship to be rewarding for both parties. 

ATM Purchase & Leasing Options