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Complete ATM Services provide a variety of ATM packages to suit your business' needs. Whether you would like to purchase an ATM to own, rent a machine through our flexible lease agreements or simply hire a mobile ATM for an event or festival, we have a package solution to suit you.

Outright ATM Purchase

We have many options available for the outright purchase of ATMs.

Find out more about buying an ATM outright.

Find out more about buying an ATM (no fee option)

So that we may advise on the best options that are available to you, please contact us for more details.

Buying an ATM

ATMs are a great source of passive income for a business. With profits of $1.50 per transaction plus potential secondary income from people purchasing in store after withdrawing, an ATM is a relatively cheap investment for a high return.

Operational Rental Agreement

An operation rental agreement means you pay a monthly figure to the finance company (this is 100% tax deductible against your outgoings - please consult with your accountant), but you don't own the equipment at the end of the term. The ATM remains the property of the finance company. At the end of the term, you can approach the finance company to purchase the ATM at a fair market price nominated by the finance company.

Please refer to our ATM products page for more information on our machines.

ATM Purchase & Leasing Options