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Terms and Conditions for location, placement and usage of ATM

This agreement is made between Complete ATM Services Pty Ltd A.C.N 132 833 713 (hereafter referred to at CAS) and;

    CAS 10CAS10
  • Yes No
  • Yes No

  • 1.1 Site owner pays for Monthly Connection fee of $35/month for Phone Line or Wireless Modem

    1.2 5 year Broken Part Warranty

    1.3 Scheduled Monthly Rental Payment is to be paid on the closes business day to the 20th of each month.

    1.4 Early Termination before the 37 months means all goods are returned to Complete ATM Services at Complete ATM Serveries expense.

    1.5 After 37 months the goods will be signed over to the Site owner and monthly direct debit will be CANCELLED

    1.6 Goods MUST be insured for $7,500.

  • 2.1 CAS will install an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) certified under Australian Legislation and in accordance of all government legislations with the supply of ATMs. This ATM will be installed on the premises listed in this agreement with this consent of the Site Owner.

    2.2 The Site Owner understands and affirms that an order for the installation of an ATM has been placed and CAS must be notified in writing of cancellation within three working days of signing this agreement.

    2.3 The Site Owner agrees to provide a dedicated double 240 volt power outlet behind the proposed installation location. CAS will provide the telecommunications for the ATM. Under the direction of CAS it will be determined whether wireless or fixed line is installed ensuring the client’s terminal is able to have optimum performance. At CAS’ expense these services will be provided.

    2.4 The Site Owner agrees to provide adequate space around the ATM in order to ensure that:
    a) The positioning of the ATM is prominent
    b) Cash Replenishment/Maintenance and Servicing can be easily performed
    c) Cardholders have easy access
    d) The ATM is clear of hazards and will not suffer any damage as a result of its placement in that location.
    e) The ATM is fully ventilated, with a space of at least 10cm between the wall and the ATM.

    2.5 CAS will provide adequate staff training, instructional literature and all stationary supplies in order for the ATM to be operated by the Site Owner after installation.

    2.6 CAS will provide adequate promotional signage in order to advertise the availability of the ATM which will be installed by CAS. Promotional signage can be customised at owners request and CAS respects Site Owner branding requirements and the Site Owners Body Corporate restrictions.

  • 3.1 Any cash contained in the ATM is the property of the Site Owner and this cash is the sole responsibility of the Site Owner.

    3.2 The Site Owner agrees to keep sufficient cash amounts in the ATM so that it is available for use during the normal operating hours of the business.

    3.3 The Site Owner agrees to inform CAS within 2 hours if for any reason;
    a) The ATM is non operational
    b) The Site Owner is unable to load the ATM with cash.

    3.4 CAS may schedule sufficient “down time” in order to allow for maintenance or repair of the ATM.

    3.5 If in the unfortunate circumstances that the ATM is destroyed apart from flood or fire, CAS is responsible to replace the ATM or repair any wilful damage but is not responsible for any cash supplied in the ATM at all times.

    3.6 The Site Owner will instruct their staff of these proceedings.

    3.7 All card holder disputes the Site Owner will not engage as an intermediate. All card holders that may have a dispute are to be forwarded to CAS 1300 number or the CAS website. The Site Owner may contact CAS in regards to a rectification or follow up where the card holder issue has been rectified. The Site Owner may contact CAS if it appears that rectification has not been obtained by the card holder. Any refunds if required to the card holder will be rectified within 10 working days. Refunds are in accordance with the Australian EFT Code of Conduct.

  • 4.1 CAS recommends that the Site Owner covers the equipment for flood, fire and theft for no more than $5000 AUD replacement.

    4.2 CAS informs the Site Owner to leave the ATM open after hours and to remove cash canisters and to leave the reject bin open.

  • 5.1 The Site Owner indemnifies CAS and keeps CAS indemnified against any and all matters concerned with a breach of any obligations outlined in this agreement or any relevant legislation or codes of conduct pertaining to this matter.

    5.2 The Site Owner indemnifies CAS against any claim made by the Site Owner’s employees from loss, injury, or damage suffered as a result of the ATM being installed or operated whether such compensation is made under the provisions to any workers compensation act of any other legislation.

    5.3 The Site Owner indemnifies CAS against any claim for loss or damage incurred by any person as a result of negligence by the Site Owner or their employees.

    5.4 The Site Owner indemnifies CAS against any claim for losses incurred by the Site Owner as a result of equipment failure, telephonic communication breakdown or disputed fund clearances between the Site Owner and any financial institution.

    5.5 The Site Owner acknowledges that no claim or recourse can be made against CAS if the Site Owner suffers a loss as a result of any error or discrepancy on:
    a) The amount of cash dispensed
    b) The amount paid to the Site Owner by the clearing bank
    c) Any direct debiting from the Site Owners bank account
    d) Any disputed monies between the Site Owner, Bank, or any other financial institution.

    5.6 The Site Owner is recommended to become familiar with the guidelines outlined in the EFT Code of Conduct of their responsibilities if a transaction is required to be credited back to the card holder, ie machine failure. This can be easily identified by CAS and the service is provided by the journal and settlement. These monies will be deducted from CAS’ monthly rebate commissions if required.

  • 6.1 The Site Owner agrees to allow reasonable access for CAS or its agents to inspect the equipment or perform maintenance and repairs.

    6.2 The Site Owner agrees to replace the paper in the ATM when required and correct any paper misfeeds, cash and paper jams. The Site Owner agrees to comply with and assist technicians by telephone or email to resolve minor issues to avoid an unnecessary call out. The Site Owner will assist with the replacement of minor components.

  • 7.1 Warranty covers all major components and rectifying the ATM into its operating condition at no cost to the Site Owner.

  • 8.1 CAS, for as long as the ATM is in location shall direct all data traffic to a processor chosen by CAS. This Data Processor shall direct where The Site Owner’s data traffic is routed and which financial institution deposits funds into the Site Owner’s Bank Account.

    8.2 CAS reserves the right, for as long as the ATM is in location, to apply surcharging increases on transactions that will be borne to the card holder.

    8.3. CAS is not responsible for transaction processing time delays that may occur. This may be caused by congestion or financial institution network failure ie. Financial institutions of card holders not available.

  • 9.1 Each evening a forced settlement will occur. This is the last 24 hour’s number of transactions and the amounts withdrawn from the ATM by the card holders. Settlements are reimbursed to the Site Owner’s nominated bank account by the switch within 2 working days. If you bank with Westpac this can occur within 1 working day. You will be forwarded by email each morning (7 days) a transaction report showing the prior days number of transactions and the amount settled into your nominated account.

  • 10.1 CAS will pay the Site Owner transaction rebates inclusive of GST at the amount detailed within this agreement and the Transaction Rebate will be deposited into the Site Owner’s nominated bank account on a monthly basis. Ie June’s total transactions x (agreed commission/transaction) will be paid in July.

    10.2 Transaction rebates are paid monthly to the Site Owners nominated bank account with statements sent quarterly or anytime on request.

  • 11.1 The Site Owner must not disclose the contents, terms or conditions listed in this or any other document supplied by CAS or its agents to anybody not directly concerned with the Site Owner’s business.

  • 12.1 The Site Owner acknowledges and affirms that he/she has been presented with and signed all relevant documents including this one, and that he/she fully understands all terms and conditions listed therein.

  • 13.1 CAS may in its absolute discretion assign or transfer in any way its rights under this agreement.


    I agree that I am authorised to sign this document and my signature confirms that my organisation is placing an order for an ATM to be installed on the premises listed above.

    I understand that the agreed transaction rebate will be credited to the nominated bank account on a monthly basis as long as the ATM is in use at the premises listed above.

    I understand that no other ATM or other automated cash dispensing equipment can be installed or connected within the bounds of the company without the written consent of Complete ATM Services Pty Ltd.