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Warranty and Support 

Over the past 13 years, I have been involved in the negotiation of supplying ATM equipment and I’ve been challenged by this warranty and support issue. Particularly as many competitors - past and present - have promised the world and delivered an atlas. Through all the ATM companies I’ve owned and operated over the years, I’ve found having an in-depth knowledge of the equipment, software, mechanics, transaction processing and communications allows me to bring this information forward to you.

I hand-picked Complete ATM Services' Xtremo product based on my previous years of experience fixing ATMs and my long history of supplying them. In the past, I’d been let down and highly disappointed by the level of product support from those I purchased equipment from and I’ve learned and feel that I am truly blessed by the product I now deliver due to its reliability and simplicity of repair.

5 Year Broken Part Warranty

When you buy an ATM from us we provide you with a five year broken part warranty, as well as software upgrades when needed or required from the Australian Banking Industry. Please be aware that all ATMs from manufacturers only offer a 90-day warranty from date of purchase and port of origin, this includes my product.

We have complete faith in the product, and based on our knowledge & experience we are able to deliver our clients a five-year broken parts warranty.

The Complete ATM Services Difference

  1. We are the distributor and not a second-tier reseller (as many are);
  2. We are the author and financier of this product's compliance to operate in Australia. Other suppliers are not able to make this statement as their machines have not been certified by APCA or approved by Australian Electrical and Telecommunications Safety Standards (Please refer to our Compliance page for certification documents on our product); and
  3. Genuine Supplier - There is also a supply of second-hand equipment being distributed throughout Australia and may be represented as a new product. From our experience, this has many serious flaws such as the boycotting of the manufacturer to supply the software requirements and parts. With the current projected Australian transaction security software changes these Suppliers may find themselves with boat anchors.

Most of our new business is based on clients that are frustrated with the level of support and repair for an ATM that is not operating from the previous supplier, especially between Thursday and Sunday. The sites are losing significant overall operating profit without the availability of the ATM opposed to an acquisition of an insignificant ATM transaction profit.

Complete ATM Services stands by the fact that with only a few questions over the phone, we can diagnose which part needs to be swapped out and anybody gifted with the knowledge of how to use a screwdriver, reasonable eyesight and a working hand can replace a part within minutes. Most service calls are rectified over the phone in minutes and don't involve parts or technician call outs to diagnose the issue.

We never charge for parts (manufacturer failure) and will ensure that your ATM is always up and running and dispensing cash to your customers. Even if you are not one of our customers, we will do our best to help you so you remember us when you wish to upgrade. Experience the service our customers receive every day.

Most problems can be solved over the phone. If we can't solve it on the phone we will dispatch apart within 24 hours. It's best to call first – sometimes those problems aren't really problems! You are only ever charged if our technician finds there was no problem, for example, there was no money in the machine, there was a power failure or a paper or belt problem. See our terms and conditions.


We provide you with monthly reporting on your ATM's performance every quarter. You will be provided with a statement that shows monthly transaction figures and rebates paid.


Complete ATM Services takes security very seriously. Put simply, when your business is closed, so is your ATM. Most vandalism and attempted burglaries of ATMs are at bank ATMs that are located in public and easy to get to, not in your securely locked business.

Card Skimming, Card Switching and Forced Withdrawals

CARD SKIMMING occurs when a reading device is attached to the ATM's card reader (to read the card's number). Thieves set up a camera near the keypad terminal in order to acquire the customer's PIN. In this way, the unsuspecting customer has handed over his details to the thieves and does not even know it. These devices are set up when an ATM is unattended, usually happening at street-facing bank-ATMs, as the thieves need time to attach the card-skimming device.

CARD SWITCHING occurs when a thief offers his assistance to customers and then swaps cards with the person. These criminals play on the trust of unsuspecting customers and will always find a way to gain access to the PIN as well. This is particularly common amongst foreigners and usually happens when the customer is alone at a street-facing ATM.

FORCED WITHDRAWALS occur when a cardholder is forced or intimidated into making a cash withdrawal from his/her account, whereupon the cash is taken by the criminal. Research has shown that this most commonly occurs at isolated street facing ATMs.

All of these types of fraud are eliminated as the ATM is located where staff can see the machine. Most people would rather use an ATM in a safe, well-lit place like a business, rather than on a street at night.

  • Use ATMs where you feel most comfortable.
  • Avoid using the ATM if there are any suspicious looking people around.
  • Do not use the ATM if you notice anything unusual indicating it may have been altered.
  • Do not accept advice from any strangers, especially overly friendly strangers.
  • Do not let anyone see your PIN, not even the Police.
  • Keep your ATM receipts.