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Asking yourself if you should buy an ATM? Have a look through our frequently asked questions about ATM ownership in Australia.

Can an ATM benefit my business?

The answer is probably 'yes'. ATMs are located in almost every location that's visited by the public, including service stations, convenience stores, supermarkets, bottle shops, pharmacies, bars, clubs, cinemas, motels & resorts, entertainment venues, restaurants, retail stores and more.

We will do a full site survey for you, including a check to see who else may have an ATM in your vicinity.

What if the ATM breaks down?

90% of problems can be rectified through our technical support centre – just call us on 1300 ATM HELP. If we can’t fix it over the phone, Complete ATM Services will guarantee you will be back up and running within 24 hours on a week day, or 48 hours if your fault occurs on the weekend, depending on your location.

What fees do customers pay to use my ATM?

Your customers will be charged an ATM usage fee and any foreign ATM transaction fee their bank may charge.

How many transactions do I need to have a month?

If you have around 250 transactions a month, you should cover the cost of the equipment. Any transactions after this and your ATM machine will become profitable for you - as well as being a value added service for your customers.

How long does it take for the dispensed cash to reach my bank account?

Complete ATM Services Switch (acquiring bank) processes the transactions at 6pm EST at the close of the day. The funds are then sent to your nominated bank account. Depending on your bank, the funds will either appear the following business day, or the day after. Talk to your bank to find out what their process times are. Or, contact us for more information. If you bank with our acquirer, (Indue) you could get your money back the same night.

Do I need extra insurance?

Your plant and equipment insurance should be enough to cover the replacement value of the ATM should it be stolen, damaged or destroyed.

Who fills the ATM with cash, and what about security?

You fill the ATM with the cash from your business. This is the simplest and most effective way to operate an in-store ATM. You only need to put in as much as you need for a single day's transactions. Therefore the amount of cash inside your ATM is generally quite low. The amount withdrawn by your customers is automatically transferred to your nominated bank account, saving you trips to the bank and expensive cash deposit fees. You are also being paid for every transaction.

In this manner, you are able to effectively recycle cash through your ATM as up to 50% of withdrawn cash will be spent on your premises.

From a security perspective, you don’t have to leave your premises to deposit your cash at the bank, you can now fill your ATM's safe in the security of your own premises.

At the close of business, you simply remove the cash canisters from the ATM machine and place them in your night safe, just as you currently do with cash from the register.

Finally, you simply leave the safe door of the ATM open overnight, much like you may already leave cash register drawers open to show would be thieves it is empty.

Which cards does the ATM accept?

All Australian debit & credit cards are accepted. Visa and Mastercard are all accepted.

Where would I put my ATM?

A busy place with good lighting is the ideal place for your ATM. It should be inside the premises but somewhere it can attract as many customers as possible. It is best to have your ATM near staff so as to make your customers feel safe when using it. Complete ATM Services can help you decide on the best place to locate your ATM.

What if a customer has a problem with an ATM?

If the problem relates to their account, simply advise the customer they need to contact their bank and the problem will be resolved. If the problem relates to the ATM itself, simply contact our Customer Call Centre and one of representatives will gladly assist you.