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Looking for Business Partners

If you are one of the following:

  • Have an established business supplying goods to the Pub and Club industry or the Retail and Hospitality Industry

Of note:

  • A mid-sized business like ours and distributing or importing products into this industry then we can supply an independent switching agreement. However, you would need to be able to buy product FOB and approximately distribute 20 units annually. You would also be required to be able to demonstrate that you have a high quality of service and customer support to reflect our brand's vision and our current customer support standards.
  • Independent sales organisation acting upon one ABN number selling to the Pub and Club industry or the Retail and Hospitality industry or selling other financial products eg, mortgage brokering, EFTPOS facilities and other banking related products

This would suit an individual that has established a good network and wants to deliver an ATM product that does not embarrass their good reputation. Complete ATM Services is available and flexible to assist with your negotiations and upkeep your high-quality recognition by providing aftermarket care that is a blue chip. This is reflected in our current client references repeating good business to all parties.

  • Independent investor operator that want to purchase equipment and source their own locations

Complete ATM Services provides all the necessary back-end support for you to simply find a site and with our experience guide you through the profitability of this acquisition.  I find it more comforting, to be honest with an independent, that if the site is not profitable to inform them not to go ahead, rather than to merely take their money.

If the site is profitable, Complete ATM Service will offer service and support to your investment that you will not be challenged over the duration of the ATM's placement.  Buying an ATM and supplying the location is the easy part of the process. The hard part of the process is the running of an ATM network which requires knowledge and incurs significant costs.  This sometimes wakes me from my sleep.

  • Independent business operators that are supplying goods and services to weekend markets, shows or exhibitions.