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How to buy an ATM Machine

Buying an ATM should be a hassle-free, simple process and a smart investment for your business. Complete ATM pulls out all the stops to ensure that your ATM machine service runs as smoothly as possible. We only work with quality ATM products and our support is second to none in Australia. If you're looking to buy an ATM, you can't go past the quality here at Complete ATM Solutions, which is exactly why we're one of the best in the country.

If you're looking at buying, leasing or hiring an atm - we have all the right products for the job:

Wall Unit & Foyer Cabinet

Wall Unit ATM

Increase visibility of your ATM with our latest additions.

The sleek and stylish ATM foyer cabinet is custom built using the high-quality material. Designed for use within upmarket areas, this low maintenance cabinet can be used by anyone wishing for a more tasteful and modern appearance.

The wall unit is intended for use with the rear loading machines. By creating a false wall, you can maintain the look of a wall mounted ATM whilst having easy access to the rear of the machine for cash loading.

Mobile ATM Services

mobile ATM for event hire

Our innovative mobile ATM solutions are available for purchase or hire for large events. Your visitors will be able to obtain cash at their own discretion rather than having to deal with a manned EFTPOS terminal.

The mobile ATM’s come in single, 2 and 4 berth configurations and only need available power, an easy access position and on-site security. The cash is provided by Complete ATM Services and we maintain complete responsibility for it. The event organiser is not responsible for the supply of cash, nor any disputes.

ATM Signage

ATM signage

Signage is not compulsory however it's always a good idea to alert potential customers to the fact that you have an ATM on site.

Our technicians will install the following signage for you free of charge:

  • Stickers to place on your shop windows
  • An 'A-Frame' stand that promotes your ATM on the footpath outside your business

Reconditioned Machines

If you are looking for a low cost, reliable ATM, ask about our previously owned machines. Our used equipment has been fully reconditioned and modified and comes with 12-month parts and labour warranty.

Communication Configurations

There are three types of communications that Complete ATM Services can provide. 

WIRELESS The first one being wireless and powered by Telstra. This product is what we use when the availability of a telephone fixed line is not available. Complete ATM Services believes that wireless communications with its sporadic service is not recommended to be continuously used in an alcohol served environment. History has shown that patrons under the influence of alcohol are not receptive to communication errors.

FIXED LINE The second one is a Telstra fixed line. This is our preferred communication configuration as it is more reliable than wireless, especially for hotels, clubs and nightclubs. 

INTERNET - The third configuration is the internet. Complete ATM Services uses this on sites that use multiple ATMs where wireless connectivity is challenged by congestion.