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Owning an ATM is a great way to generate a passive income for your business. It’s easy to manage and you’ll receive $1.50 per transaction, which is a 67% profit margin. Research has also shown that on average people spend 40% of what they withdraw from a business-owned ATM in that store.

And it's easier than you'd think, and there are many benefits to having an ATM machine over portable eftpos machine hire.

How to Own an ATM

If you’re interested in owning your own ATM it all starts with choosing a model. We always have ATMs for sale that you can choose from based on size, mounting, appearance, and expected traffic. You can have your business designs & logo on the ATM wraps, as well as a personalised screen image, identifying it as part of your business.

Our trained staff then deliver your new ATM, personally install the equipment and train you in its basic upkeep.

Our Services for ATM Owners

Once your ATM has been installed you will continue to receive ongoing support from our trained service staff and you’ll also be covered with a 5 year warranty. This ensures you receive all government and banking-compliant software upgrades as required within the warranty period.

Now that you own an ATM you’ll receive a daily email of the settlement of funds for the day, with your rebates paid automatically in the first couple of days of the new month. This means you’ll start seeing money come in just a month after installing an ATM.

We also provide 7 day direct communication with Complete ATM Services, free cardholder dispute services, the ability to increase the ATM surcharge, as well as immediate ownership transfer in the event you sell the site.

So if you’re interested in buying an ATM you can use the profit calculator on the right or give us a call!

Find out what's involved when you outright purchase an ATM.