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Buying an ATM

ATMs are a great source of passive income for a business. With profits of $1.50 per transaction plus potential secondary income from people purchasing in store after withdrawing, an ATM is a relatively cheap investment for a high return.

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Xtremo ATM Technical Overview

A technical overview of the Xtremo Series ATMs and its components from Complete ATM Services.

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Xtremo ATM Features

Our machines are the only machines in Australia with motorised canisters. This mean currency is dispensed fast at 5 notes per second. The transacting times on our machines are also fast (15 seconds) which means customers have more time to browse your shop and will very rarely need to line up to use the ATM.

Wireless ATMs don't need a phone line to operate and are very convenient for this reason. Wireless ATMs also transact faster than our phone lined models.

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