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If you're looking to hire an ATM for your event or festival, please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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  1. Complete ATM Services agree to supply all monies & equipment for the Special Event.
  2. Complete ATM Services is fully responsible for all Monies, Equipment & cash disputes.
  3. Complete ATM Services has the right to nominate the cash budget set.
  4. In the Event of the ATM cash depleting, it is up to the discretion of Complete ATM to determine the next cash replenishment.
  5. Promoters must ensure the nominated Security Company regularly check on the ATM’s both whilst the event is operating and post.
  6. All organisers must agree they will not engage in any way with card holders queries.
  7. The organiser will ensure the Equipment is in a prominent position either situated at the front Gate or next to office Security base.
  8. Technician call out time will be based on the location of the Event.
  9. Complete ATM Services takes no responsibility for any network communication failure or Financial Institution services availability.
  10. Complete ATM services will provide Public Liability & Workers compensation documents.

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