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Over the past several years Complete ATM Services has been supplying mobile ATM solutions to race meetings, concerts, annual shows, festivals markets, fetes and community events.  This has been very profitable for a minimal amount of work.  We do not pay to be at these events nor do we share surcharges fees with the exception of extremely large high transacting events.  Most event coordinators are just happy to have the supply of cash at their event, keeping their clients and participants happy.

What you need to own a mobile ATM!

To participate you need:

  • To purchase either a single or double mobile unit ATM
  • $50,000 cash surplus
  • Driver’s license
  • Vehicle to tow a small trailer


You would need to pre-arrange with the bank to have $50,000 cash available for you.  You will need to give the banks 2 – 3 days’ notice.  This is what we call settlement money.  For example, you collect $50,000 dollars from your bank on Friday and use this over the weekend for your ATM.  On Saturday your ATM was loaded with and dispensed $25,000 and on Sunday the similar process occurred, it went through $25,000. 

If you bank with Westpac the money will be back in your account and available on Monday, for other banks it will be back and available in your account on Tuesday.  This process is repeated for the following weekend and as required.

Surcharge Fees

This is the amount shown on the screen to a cardholder for how much we charge for a transaction.  This charge is dictated by Complete ATM Services and the owner of the equipment, you as our business partner.  There is no regulation on a maximum for this charge.  Complete ATM Services charges $3 per transaction along with our business partners.  From this, the business partner receives $2 per transaction and Complete ATM Services receives $1 per transaction to cover:

  • processing fees charged by the bank,
  • daily email summary of transactions completed
  • provision of projected cash flows
  • web hosting
  • web optimisation
  • mail outs
  • community sponsorship
  • signage
  • provision of modems
  • replacement parts,
  • software upgrades when needed,
  • transaction disputes,
  • consumables,
  • provision of paper rolls cost
  • seven days a week phone support
  • provide 50% of your bookings
  • Complete ATM Services charges $300 for booking fees which is 100% passed onto the business partner.  (Administration and financial transactions managed by Complete ATM Services.)
  • Site Contracts
  • If the business partner finds an event and wants to participate Complete ATM Services is available to administer the negotiation for attendance and facilitate the contract.


If you are a nervous person then it is recommended you do not proceed with this business.  We have found that this business over the last several years has had no security issues.  The mobile ATM is delivered very early in the morning along with other site traders, most cases there are no vehicles allowed in the event after set up time.  After the event, we come and de-cash the ATM and pack down if necessary. On a positive note whenever we have had a cash jam (no communication) we have received numerous calls from site traders showing that the mobile ATM is highly regarded and protected by the site traders.  Most events have onsite physical security.  Making yourself known to the security company on site provides a good service for both.


Wireless is the preferred form of communication for mobile ATMs.  The ATM will work off a telephone line as well as ADSL. Wireless depends on geographical location and the size of the event.  If you are out of the geographical area for Telstra wireless or the event has a crowd over 20,000 people, a telephone line is the preferred option.  Wireless is $30 per month for unlimited connection, this will be taken out of your monthly rebates automatically.


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