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Mobile ATM for Events, Festivals & More

Mobile ATM Hire

Our innovative mobile ATM solutions are available for purchase or hire for small events or large festivals. You'll find our atm trailers in events & festivals in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin and every town in between. Allow your visitors to easily obtain cash at their own discretion rather than having to deal with a manned EFTPOS terminal.

Our range of mobile ATMs are available in single, twin and 4-berth configurations and only need available power, an easy-access position and on-site security. The standalone ATM comes with a portable trailer and is ideal for smaller events, however, to keep queues short and your visitors happy, we recommend the multiple-ATM solution for convenience.

The cash is provided by Complete ATM Services and we maintain complete responsibility for it. The event organiser is not responsible for the supply of cash, nor any transaction disputes.

Our Mobile ATM Trailers can be used at:

  • Music Festivals
  • Sports Events
  • Community Events
  • School Events or Fetes
  • National Carnivals
  • Business Expo
  • Street or Weekend Markets
  • Other Indoor and Outdoor Events

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Mobile ATM trailer for Events

Event Hire

Complete ATM Services reserves the right to charge an Event Hire fee or waiver the Event Hire fee.

If your event has the ability to provide 500 plus transactions and is less than 200 km from our warehouse, No Event Hire fee will apply. Please feel free to contact us to negotiate the Event Hire fee.

Fill out the Event ATM booking form and we'll get back to you ASAP.

ATM Wireless Connectivity

Complete ATM Services recommends the Event identifies whether or not a wireless communication is supported in your desired location, and that they are responsible for this connectivity. In the past, connectivity has been challenged by Event participants using smart mobile devices throughout the duration of the event. This is usually when the event has crowds above 10,000 people such as concerts, sporting and racing events. Complete ATM Services has yet to be challenged on other large Events as annual shows, automobile exhibitions etc.

The solution to this issue is that the site provides a dedicated telephone line per machine or a PABX system to accommodate multiple ATMs or a high-speed internet band line connection (Max 100 feet - clear line of sight). Complete ATM Services will provide a 4 band hub and cabling free of charge; the Event will be responsible for the connection fee. Complete ATM Services is able to assist and recommend our experience in this challenging environment free of charge.


Complete ATM Services reserves the right to cancel support for the Event if weather conditions may cause the destruction of the electronic ATM equipment supplied. This is not negotiable as previous experiences have resulted in the destruction of Complete ATM Services equipment, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage.

Fill out the Event ATM booking form and we'll get back to you ASAP.

ATM Event Hire (using your money)

This is a new solution that’s been trialled over the past 12 months and is becoming very popular with small and larger sized events located more than 200km from our warehouse. The event organiser is charged for the return freight of the equipment with multiple mobile ATMs available. Let us guide you through the procedures.

What Happens First?

The first step is to provide several weeks' notice in advance. Once the booking is arranged, we will arrange delivery of the ATMs to your venue.

Complete ATM Services contracts Camerons Freight, who have proven to be exceptional in their logistical services at very competitive rates, providing one of two options:

  1. Complete ATM Services will arrange for door to door delivery of the ATMs to your venue. We will provide you with a quote per ATM.
  2. A popular alternative is to have the ATMs delivered to a Camerons Freight depot (located in most major Australian cities) after which it is your responsibility to arrange for the transportation of the ATMs to your venue*.

ATM Delivery Information

  • The ATMs weigh 90 kilos each and are the average size of a four-draw filing cabinet.
  • The ATMs can be laid down and will fit into most station wagons. In the case of an Australian manufactured Ford Station Wagon, two ATMs can be fitted.
  • We pack the ATMs to reduce the possibility of handling damage; as such, the damage will be the responsibility of Complete ATM Services.
  • If the ATM is slightly damaged please note this is a cost borne by Complete ATM Services. We include a Camerons Freight consignment note for return to us.

Once You Have Received Your ATM:

The venue is asked to recycle the protective materials and to their best ability repackage the ATMs for their return transit. We provide a tailor-made protection cover inclusive of packaging. The black plastic wrap is not required for the repackaging.

After removal of packaging, the ATM is ready for usage. A personalised lock combination will be set previously at your request. After unpacking the ATM you'll need to contact us to walk you through the initial setup of the device (turnkey solution).

Before the departure of the equipment, your nominated bank account will be set to receive your settlement money. In most cases, if the event is occurring over the weekend, the money will be in your account on following Tuesday (or Monday if you bank with Westpac).

You will be sent an email to your nominated account every day, providing you with the number of transactions and amount of money withdrawn from the ATM before 7 pm eastern standard time.

The ATM can be quickly manipulated to dispense $50 or $20 notes throughout the duration of service.

We strongly urge you to contact us before making these simple menu alterations, as no recall of over-dispensing will be supported in any way if you misfeed, i.e. placing $50 dollar notes when the ATM is only configured to identify $20 notes.

Complete ATM Services ask that you review the communication requirements for placement of ATMs as identified in the Event Hire section, i.e. communication connectivity challenges and requirements.

The cash will be provided by Complete ATM Services and we will maintain complete responsibility for it. The event organiser will not responsible for the supply of cash, nor any transaction disputes.

Fill out the Event ATM booking form and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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